Our puppies are at least nine weeks when they move, they are vaccinated, chip branded and veterinary investigated. They have a puppybag with food, food bowl and a little blanket with the smell of the whelping box. Hidden Faults Insurance for 3 yearse. We will send the info about the puppy's care the first time at home and we would love to keep in touch and hear how it goes with your new family member. We offer the first puppy trim and hope to see you at the puppy match and trim courses. Your puppy's life, the first 3-7 weeks is like an open window, it's important to meet people, feel the smells, hear the sounds and go by car. It gives our puppies and take boldly against all the new impressions.


You are welcome to call for more information. Please read more about the breed and coat care. We recommend the book Little Book of Miniature Schnauzer Marianne Fuxhammar. Can be ordered through us.

Att köpa valp av oss / To buy à puppa from us. Read more here. Titta gärna på den sidan innan ni hör av er ..






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Vi söker fodervärd till tik, ni bör bo  nära oss , men även Sundsvall går bra då vi har en trimmar där . Vid intresse så ring o


Svarta valpar planeras i höst 2023

Svart och silver valpar planeras hösten 2023

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